2022-23 Spring Semester Exam Announcement

Dear Students,
2022-2023 Spring Semester ' Writing Task 2 Information ' and ' Final Exam
' are attached.

Writing Task 2 will be held in your own classrooms at 9:30 on April 26, 2023,

Final Exam Entrance Numbers will be distributed on April 26, 2023,
by your instructors in your classrooms after Writing Task 2.

Final Exams will be held on April 27, 2023, Thursday. You are required to
come to your Final Exams with your Final Entrance Numbers and take your Final
Exams in the buildings and rooms indicated on your document.

The exam results for the 2022-2023 Spring Term will be announced at 17:00 on
May 3, 2023, Wednesday
on the ‘ Yeditepe ’ and ‘ Akademik7 ’ applications.
The exam results will be sent to Guest Students via e-mail on the same day and
at the same time.

Exam results are not told over the phone.
We wish you success in your exams.

English Preparatory School Administration